Linggo, Mayo 29, 2011

Pag-IBIG requires on-line registration

Pursuant to the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R.A. 9679, Pag-IBIG Fund requires all members and employers to register and update member’s and employer’s information/data using the On-line Membership Registration and On-line Employer Registration. The On-line Registration System is used to facilitate the initial registration/updating of information of prospective/existing members.
The Online Membership Registration System offers the following features:
  • It will enable new registrants to register with the Fund without visiting our office;
  • It will enable our previous registrants or members to update most of their information by simply keying in their MID Numbers plus Security code found in their HDMF Transaction Card or Registration Tracking Number (RTN) generated and issued during their initial registration;
  • RTNs issued by this system shall serve as proof of registration which may be used to remit their contributions and to transact with the Fund; and
  • Successful registration shall facilitate the subsequent generation and issuance of the members respective MID number and HDMF Transaction Card.

Employees without MID numbers are required to Register as New Member and Employees with MID numbers are required to Update Registration Information.

Employers and members may access the said system by logging on to the Members Services Area at URL  

This activity is crucial to the forthcoming migration to the Integrated Information System Program (IISP) or full computer automation of the operations of the Fund.  The IISP aims to upgrade the Fund’s information systems infrastructure to deliver faster and more cost efficient services across its entire nationwide network of branches, as well as greater convenience to its members.  (Huge Olarte)

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